how to make your website sexier

How To Make Your Website Sexier

Does sex sell? Many marketers think it does. Just ask the editors of Sports Illustrated whether having images of bikini-clad models on their cover helped sell any magazines! Consumers want to be associated with products, services and brands that help them feel good about themselves. Your company may be able to increase its sales by having a website that plays into this need for self-appreciation.  Your web site needs to be sexy to convert visitors. Even the greatest SEO marketing strategy will do no good if it draws traffic to your site only to bore the visitor. 

At LAUNCH805 we offer personal and ethical search engine optimization that utilizes the latest, most effective online marketing strategies. We have helped clients in every type of industry improve the appearance and sexiness of their websites without sacrificing SEO strategies or content. Based on our experience as web site conversion optimization specialists, here are some suggestions you can use to make your website sexier:

  1. Smashing Design: Start with a dynamic website design that pops out, invites visitors to stay, and leads the eye on a coherent journey through the information you need to impart.
  2. Looking Good: Closely inspect the graphics you use to draw attention to your website. Photos should have attractive people that will appeal to the visitor’s eye. Graphics should be clean and classy, with a feel of elegance and sophistication.
  3. Beautiful Buttons: Most web designers fail to focus on the little things that can make a web site more attractive. Those “submit, cancel and download” buttons don’t have to be just a dull gray square. Use some color, beveled edges and gradient fill to really make them pop.
  4. Social Sharing: You want visitors to let others know about your site, so it’s important to make it appealing to share on social media. Make sure your social sharing buttons look great, load quickly, offer choices that will help your SEO, and fit with the overall feel of your page.
  5. Relevance: Nothing is sexier than finding out what visitors want and providing it. It’s the online equivalent of “I hear you.” Is your website screaming “It’s all about me, Me, ME!” or is it saying “Here is how I can help you achieve more in your life.” If your content doesn’t live up to the hype, no sexy photos can help make a sale. 

Need our help? Call upon the professional web design conversion experts at LAUNCH805 and we’ll help you design eye-catching banners and embed powerful calls to action which will lower your bounce rates, boosts conversions, increase the time people spend on your site (which will increases rankings and doubles your sales).

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  1. As a consumer who loves to shop online, having an easy-to-use and beautiful website is an absolute need for me. I have been on several different websites for several different businesses and the ones who did not have a cohesive website and wonky buttons were the ones that I spent the least amount of time on. If a website is easy to use, beautiful, and the content on the site is relevant, I am more likely than not to share the website with others. I will also be taking your tips and advice over to my websites to tweak so that I can draw people in also!

    1. Mia, it’s great to hear that you prioritize having a user-friendly and visually appealing website as a consumer. It’s definitely true that a well-designed and organized website can make all the difference in terms of user experience and customer retention. Best of luck with implementing the tips and advice on your own websites!

  2. Finally, I got to read an article that has a lot of substance on how to redevelop a website. A lot of people like me are struggling to make money online and building a solid website is one way to start. Next you have to worry about traffic by attracting people to visit your site and purchase something. I realized that I need to work more on the content and aesthetic design of my webpage. Learning to post photos is also a must since most people are really into browsing. I can’t do the design on my own but I can ask help from a web designer to execute my ideas.

  3. I’m happy that you found the article helpful in your journey to make money online through your website, Leika. Content and aesthetic design are definitely important factors in attracting and retaining visitors, and utilizing photos can also be a powerful tool in engaging with your audience. It’s also a good idea to seek the help of a professional web designer if you feel that your skills are limited in certain areas. Remember to stay focused and persistent in your efforts, and you will surely see positive results in the future.

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