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Ranking websites since 1998

Meet Taylor Reaume, founder of LAUNCH805, and a resident of Santa Barbara, California since 2007. He is Google Analytics and Google Ads certified and manages the marketing strategy for 50+ brands in the 805 area code.

In 2007, Taylor sold his stock audio website platform for six figures to Jupiter Media in New York. He built the website without any venture capital, while attending Humboldt State University, and through his SEO efforts, the website was generating 200,000+ unique visitors per month when it sold.

From 2007 – 2012, Taylor hosted the largest SEO Meetup in Santa Barbara, California, a free SEO workshop every Thursday at the Eagle Inn, which grew to over 20+ regular attendees every week.

Taylor served on the TVSB board of directors as Vice President, assisting with many of the organizations digital marketing initiatives and fundraising campaigns in his spare time from 2013-2018.

Working in communications since 1998, he helps businesses and individuals navigate the digital landscape as a trainer, consultant and coach. Taylor can be reached at taylor@launch805.com or TaylorReaume.com

Taylor Reaume - Google Analytics and Google Ads certified Founder of LAUNCH805
Outsource Santa Barbara Marketing - Full Service PPC Management

Full Service Website Marketing

If you’re a local business seeking help with a local marketing strategy, LAUNCH805 offers full service local SEO and website marketing strategy, including logo design, website design, graphic design, PPC, SEO and social media campaigns, competitor research, analytics strategy and more.

Many business owners in the 805 area code are familiar with Taylor’s other agency, SEARCH ENGINE PROS, which has now transitioned to a full service PPC (pay per click) service. If you are a national business seeking assistance with PPC, inquire with Search Engine Pros.

What’s the digital problem that needs solving in your business? Let us know?

Is your business online yet?

We’re a tight-knit group of A+ online marketers who share a common passion for digital marketing.

For us, success is all about seeing our clients achieve their marketing goals. We want to see them get more leads, grow their email list and make more sales.

Why Digital Marketing? It has been said, that the most valuable commercial real estate in the world, will soon be the first page results of the search engine, for any given query, sector. 

If you think about the most valuable commercial real estate in the world, you might think of places like downtown Los Angeles, New York, London, but quantitatively speaking, when it comes to a #1 rank on the search engines, there is really no comparison to the amount of eyeballs that you can get on your business.  

santa barbara website marketing agency
local santa barbara website marketing agency

Be on top. Watch the leads roll in.

Get more visitors. Increase sales: 81% of consumers are now making purchasing decisions online…and less than 10% of the websites out there are fully optimized.  If you have a good product or a good service, than driving traffic to your site is a matter of growing your web presence.  

Ready to reach a wider audience? We make your web site look attractive to Google so they rank you high and send thousands of visitors to your website each month.  Then when these new people are on your website, we help you present your content in a way that more people will use your services or buy your products.  

A proven approach to digital marketing

Grow Your Web Presence: Our mission is to help businesses grow their web presence.  When you align with our marketing agency, you get an instant network of businesses with which you can cross-market.  The cross-marketing potential combined with our local area knowledge makes our agency stand out.

Local SEO Experts: We know all the local newspaper reporters, news outlets, online directories, and when it comes to promoting your website online, no one does it better than us.

Agile Strategy: We can handle a wide range of tasks requiring specialized skills (i.e. graphic design, content writing, web design, SEO, PPC, reputation management, email newsletter) We can shift our focus in real time to address critical problems which if not solved will stop the forward movement of your web strategy, and diminish ROI.

local santa barbara digital marketing agency
local santa barbara digital marketing agency - full-service ppc management

All-In-One Approach

Grow your brand with LAUNCH805: A common problem for business owners is having a disconnected approach to their web marketing strategy. There are various “roles” required for a successful web strategy, such as graphic designer, web designer, writer, data entry, etc. The entire effort is more effective with a cohesive all in one approach. Each role must work in tandem to realize a profitable ROI.

Don’t settle for average website marketing strategy. If you hire multiple low cost developers to help you, well, you get what you pay for, and there is the danger of creating conflicting web scripts that don’t “talk” to each other, which creates more and more bills. In contrast, by having one firm handling the web strategy, everything will be in sync, and you’ll minimize your tech headaches.

Continuous Improvement

  • Keyword Focused Approach: We identify the best keywords for your campaign and focus our editorializing efforts around a set of high traffic keywords. By internally linking to the main pages of the site on the blogs we write, ranks increase, this is called the “HALO effect” in search engine optimization.
  • Advanced Analytics: At the heart of a successful web strategy is the “visitor analytics” and constant monitoring and tweaking of your website based on the visitor analytics data. Your web firm plays a key role here in helping you with long term visitor tracking and website analytics.
  • Deep Competitor Research: Competitor research like no other! We have tools that place us far ahead of the curve with regards to uncovering your competitors best marketing tactics. Knowing your competitors is just as important as knowing your audience. We create a competitor research grid detailing strengths and weaknesses in Google Docs. This helps us identify the path to the top.
local santa barbara website marketing agency - full-service wordpress management
local santa barbara website marketing agency - community supporters

Commitment To Community

We offer discounts on web design for nonprofit organizations. Not for profit organizations & charitable institutions provide a much required humanitarian aid to the needy.

They work for so many causes like Education, Environment, alleviating poverty, fighting animal cruelty and so much more. Some charitable institutions are also working across borders to the help the lesser privileged.

We at LAUNCH805 would like to offer our support by providing discounts to nonprofit organizations and institutions. At present we are offering 20% discount on all our web design and marketing services for nonprofits located in the 805.

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