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Greater online visibility, increased traffic, quality leads and higher conversion rates. 

Connecting customers to your brand.

As a local leader in innovative website design and website marketing, LAUNCH805 is proud of the impact that our tactics have for local businesses, helping them generate more leads, increase revenue, expand their locations, and more.

Marketing today is far from simple. Running pay-per-click ads, optimizing content for SEO and designing high converting websites takes real knowledge and experience.

With LAUNCH805, you get a team of experts take care of all the essential marketing services for you.

  • WE ARE LOCAL: Our deep understanding of the local business landscape and its customers make us a valuable partner in developing your website and online presence.
  • WE LISTEN: Our website design and production process is centered around you. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your story and business objectives are represented on your website.
  • WE DRIVE RESULTS: Many of our websites have a 35 percent conversion rate! With clear calls to action on each website and round-the-clock reporting, you’ll see results and a return on your investment.
  • WE ARE ADA COMPLIANT: ADA Compliance ensures your website meets federal guidelines for web accessibility and ADA standards. Web accessibility is a set of rules, behaviors, code standards, and design guidelines that allow people with disabilities to effectively use websites.
  • WE ARE INTUITIVE: Creating a digital marketing campaign requires high levels of intuition and forward thinking. We’ll create a dedicated marketing strategy that keeps your audience engaged and increases conversions.
  • WE SAVE YOU TIME: Spend more time focusing on your business instead of trying to master the complicated world of marketing. Our team creates your content and posting schedule. All you have to do is hit ‘approve,’ and another part of your business’s digital marketing is done!
  • WE SAVE YOU MONEY: Get the benefits of an in-house marketing team at a fraction of the cost. No health insurance or extra parking spaces required. Hiring a full-time talent in website design, development, SEO, content, graphic design and video would cost many times more than partnering with LAUNCH805.
  • WE STUDY YOUR COMPETITION: We make a list of all your competitors who are doing well in your space, to help you determine if you have a competitive advantage or disadvantage. It is tough to rank. It is tougher to keep your ranking when competitors are constantly trying to take your spot.
  • WE STUDY YOUR AUDIENCE: When you know your customers well, you know how to meet their needs better than any of your competitors.
  • WE BRING EXPERIENCE: Get the expertise and experience our team has gained from running thousands of online campaigns and use it to grow your business. Google updates its algorithm every day and runs major updates every couple of months. We keep your website 100% compliant. When you fall out of compliance, your traffic and sales drop.
  • WE ARE LOCAL SEO EXPERTS: Ranking for competitive terms is hard. You don’t need fluffy advice. You need the exact steps to start ranking, and a team that can execute.
  • WE WORK EXCLUSIVELY: It would be unethical for our team to promote 2 brands serving the same audience. We work exclusively with one company per area code, Partnering with LAUNCH805 = securing potentially lost market share.
  • WE NEVER LEAVE YOU: Why spend years building a marketing strategy with an in-house employee who inevitably is going to leave? If that happens you lose everything! With the agency approach, when agency employees quit, your core strategy always stays intact with our company. W
  • WE’RE TRANSPARENT: Some SEO agencies keep the details of how they do the work away from their clients. It is their secret sauce after all. We’re a different kind of agency — one that not only does the work, but also shows you how to do it.
  • WE KNOW HOW TO LEAD: Is your current agency scheduling meeting after meeting, asking you what they should focus on? Does it seem like you are doing all the research and they are waiting on you to tell them what to do next?
  • WE’RE STRONG TECHNICALLY: Everyone understands basic SEO — but that doesn’t cut it anymore. You need an agency that knows the nitty gritty details of technical SEO, can look in the server logs, analyze behavioral flow, find internal link opportunities, and explain (in clear english) the exact development steps required next.
  • WE APPROACH REDESIGNS SAFELY: Everytime you redesign your website, which is just about every couple years nowadays, you risk losing your search engine rankings. Your htaccess rules and URL redirects must be configured correctly during a redesign to prevent a major drop in search traffic.
  • WE SEND CONCISE REPORTS: You can’t improve what you don’t measure and analyze. Our regular reports include powerful marketing insights for regular and on-going campaign improvements. Don’t get bogged down in data. Get executing on actionable intel.
  • WE’RE SCIENTIFIC + CREATIVE: We’re coders + designers in one. Your website must strike a perfect balance of code and design — SEO friendly text / code and beautiful visual elements. Some websites are visually beautiful but perfom terrible on search engines due to the lack of SEO friendly text and code. It really does take both to succeed.
  • WE DON’T COST ANYTHING: Our fee is covered many times over by the new business generated as a result of our promotions and campaigns. The bigger danger is not advertising and letting competitors slowly take your market share. As the old saying goes: “You can’t afford not to advertise.”
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