Ultimate Wordpress Checklist

77 Tips To Improve Your WordPress Website in 2023

Use this 77-step WordPress checklist guide to save time on how to quickly and efficiently establish your first WordPress website project.

1. WordPress Pre-Development

Where do you actually begin then? That’s probably the first thought that crossed your mind. The answer to that problem is provided in this checklist.

This specific checklist will be helpful to everyone who is creating a new WordPress website, regardless of whether you are a newbie or a WordPress expert.

2. WordPress Development

The most critical checklist is about to begin. To create a website that fully meets your objectives, consider these adjustments and revisions during the development stage.

This checklist will give you the most important questions to ask your web developer and share pro-tips for when you’re designing a WordPress site.

3. WordPress Launch

Congratulations! You’ve finally finished the rigorous development process! You must now be prepared to launch it smoothly.

You’re just hours away from your WordPress site launch, and you’re feeling pretty good about it. Except there’s still a few things you need to do before you can officially “launch” your site. Check out the quick checklist below for a few last-minute tasks.

4. WordPress SEO

Even if you have the most attractive and well-designed WordPress website, it won’t matter if you don’t have effective SEO in place.

With this WordPress SEO Checklist, you’ll know what your priorities are, what you need to do to make your site more search engine friendly. Let’s wine and dine the Google Spider, shall we?

5. WordPress Security

Many WordPress users don’t know how to manage their own security, which can result in hacking attacks, lost data and income, and other disasters.

Follow this checklist to ward off hacking threats and keeping your site secure. It tells you the most important things to do – from content to plugins, themes, and more – to keep WordPress safe as possible.

6. WordPress Maintenance

Finally, you’ve taken care of every aspect of your WordPress website.

You now need to understand how to maintain it efficiently.

This maintenance check list will walk you through each stage of running a smooth website and performing routine maintenance to ensure flawless operation.

Download the infographic below in full resolution:

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Download the high resolution version of our ULTIMATE WORDPRESS CHECKLIST infographic.


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