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Take a listen to our new radio commercial, being heard on 92.9 KjEE 

At Launch 805 our core competency is inbound marketing. We create an advanced inbound marketing strategy using the website as the primary marketing vehicle.

When promoting a business, We follow a “multi-touch” marketing approach.

By integrating several marketing channels into a single, cohesive strategy, the campaign realizes a higher ROI.

Radio advertising is an effective weapon in the marketing arsenal for certain types of businesses.

We encourage our clients to experiment with running a radio ad in conjunction with their web marketing strategy, to drive offline visitors to their website with some kind of redeemable offer (giving the listener an incentive to visit the website).

“1 in 4 people are online while listening to the radio.” 
-Internet Advertising Bureau

Traditional advertising strategies (like radio advertising) are quite different from Internet advertising strategies (like inbound marketing). Traditional strategies tend to be disruptive. Few people willingly seek out radio/TV advertisements, but instead, they are listening to them when at a hair appointment, or in the car, etc.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, aims to “pull” the prospect into the funnel (websites, email opt-in boxes, e-book giveaways, social media contests, etc) The goal of inbound marketing is to convert potential customers/clients and pull them into the funnel with some kind of give to get strategy, more by adding value and nurturing them with soft sells, and less by selling directly to them.

Radio advertisements work really well for certain businesses in certain industries.

We are more than happy to help if your business needs guidance in the area of developing a web strategy and integrating a radio ad as part of your marketing mix.  Schedule a consultation by calling 805-669-9814

Radio Advertisements
Don’t have time to manage your digital marketing campaigns, design your website and setup analytics scripts, or worry about which version of your ad generates the best ROI? That’s OK! LAUNCH805 is here to help! Call 805-570-1385 or contact us online today.

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