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Why You Should LIKE Other Posts On Social Media

Taking the time to like other people’s (or business’s) posts is an important aspect of social engagement.  

By liking, sharing, and commenting on someone else’s post, you expand your social media presence.

The engagement you have with them appears on other people’s pages and news feeds. It is also likely that you will attract the person you have liked, shared or commented on.

In Facebook, for example, if I like your post, and you have 1000 fans, many of them will see my name, my company or fan page. 

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Of course, I am not suggesting you go like / share / comment-crazy. Anything overdone is not wise.  But if you want people to like your posts, and want more visibility in social media, take the time to like their posts as well.

Why you should always ‘Like’ your own Facebook posts

If you’ve been using Facebook for a while you’ve probably noticed that many people “Like” their own posts just as soon as they post them.

That can be viewed as a form of vanity, right?

Does it really make sense to “Like” your own posts?

The truth is, it’s usually not vanity. Using this method will jumpstart your engagement on every Facebook post you make.

As you probably know, Facebook’s algorithm is making it increasingly difficult for us to gain exposure for our posts.

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It seems that every algorithm update results in fewer friends seeing our posts, and the effective “reach” of published posts is even worse for business pages.

“Liking” your own posts increases engagement on those posts.  A “like” adds to the perceived significance of a post in the minds of friends and page “Likers”.

But that first initial “Like” also does something even more important…psychologically, it encourages others to “Like” the post too.  

Several studies have shown that posts that receive an immediate initial “Like” end up receiving more engagement overall.

Bottom line: There’s no reason to feel bad (or even a little guilty) about “Liking” your own posts on Facebook.

As I said above, “Liking” your own posts isn’t a vanity thing. It’s simply a powerful tool you can use to jumpstart the engagement on your posts.

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What is Employee Evangelism?

“Employee Evangelism” is a commonly used term in marketing and business to refer to the active promotion and advocacy of a brand or product by individuals in the company who are passionate and enthusiastic about it. 

Employee evangelists are people who believe in the brand or product so strongly that they go out of their way to promote it to others, often through word-of-mouth or social media. They are seen as valuable assets to companies because they can help to build brand awareness, generate buzz, and increase sales through their advocacy efforts.

An organization can increase its social media presence if they successfully engage their staff on social media.

Do you have any other tactics that have worked for your organization?  Comment below to share them with our community.  

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