first impressions are everything

First Impressions Are Everything

What does a 30 second commercial have in common with your home page?

Both must effectively communicate a USP, or unique value proposition, in under 30 seconds.

Did you know that the large majority of visitors at your web site leave after 30 seconds, never to return again?

Let’s examine this a bit further.

There’s an old marketing mantra; “It’s better to be different than it is to be better…”

Most 30 second commercials are lifeless and uninspiring, just like most home pages.

When you’re giving a 30 second commercial at a networking event, it’s crucial to be able to quickly describe what you do and appeal to your target audience on the spot. The purpose of your 30-second USP or “commercial” is to communicate who you are, who your company is, and what you do, quickly.

Your 30 second commercial should ask one or more compelling questions that tune directly into the “WII-FM” (what’s in it for me?). A compelling statement shows how you can help others and ends with why the customer should act now.

What makes an exceptionally good 30 second commercial? A good 30 second commercial communicates how you are different (not just better) from your competition.

Marketing is the battle of perceptions, not products. It’s essential to set aside some time to brainstorm a set of smart USP’s.

A good 30 second commercial doesn’t just compete (we’re the best game in town), it eliminates (we’re the only game in town worth your time/money/attention/etc.).

But what about your web site? Does your web site clearly communicate your unique selling proposition? Does it get visitors to a warm and fuzzy feeling before 30 seconds? As internet marketing consultants and web marketers with proven track record for success, we advise our clients to set aside several hourly strategy sessions with us to focus on their USP.

Your web site home page should have distinct sections, or segments that appeal to visitors specific interests.

Think about all the people that visit your site for a moment. How many distinct groups can you create?

By breaking the visitors into distinct groups and then cataloging everything we know about each one, it makes it easier to create content targeted to each important demographic.

For example, if you have a hotel web site, it’s likely that there are four major categories of people visiting your web site. Each group has different needs that we need to identify.

Business travelers.
Main interests: e.g. a staffed business center

Leisure travelers.
Main Interests: e.g. a guide to local attractions.

Conference attendees.
Main interests: e.g. fitness center

Main interests: e.g. kids area

Main interests: e.g. romantic dinner package

International visitors.
Main interests: e.g. bi-lingual staff

By presenting different messages for each major category of visitors, we will more effectively communicate our value offering, and improve the effectiveness of our marketing.

The idea is to segment your offering and speak directly to the needs of the market segment. If you have more than eight major market segments, you might need to simplify your business model.

Below are some creative questions that may help you get started in categorizing your target audience.

  • What are the four types of buyers in your business? (appeal to those buyers with specific sections on your site)
  • What are the eight most common objections in your business?  (answer those objections with informative tag lines on your site)
  • What are the main benefits of you vs. your competition?  (Speak to the benefits, not the features)
  • What makes you different?  (highlight the ways you are different with tag lines on your site)
  • How do people find you?  (ask if the visitor came from XYZ place, click here)

Segment and categorize your audience – by interest and/or desire. The idea is to stay in front of them with laser – focused marketing messages specifically matching their interest/desire.

Remember, “It’s better to be different than it is to be better…”

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  1. I don’t own a business nor do I have a need to make and present a commercial, but I found this post informative. I find that some commercials detract viewers from their products. I understand the use of musical elements, but sometimes the music does not match the product and what it’s trying to portray. Also, there often isn’t enough creativity, especially with car commercials. Some of the commercials make me want to go to a different brand just because they are so uninspiring. The same goes with websites. Sometimes brands/businesses have a main theme or picture that does not reflect their product. Sometimes less is more. This is especially the case when a website has a large image or gif that takes time to load, it leads me to lose interest in the product, even if I really need it. I had a great lack of knowledge regarding websites and their categorization. I’ve attempted to make a website to expand my skill set for the job market and after having read this post, I think I’ll have a better idea of how to make it functional and attractive to visitors of varying backgrounds.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Nicole! I’m glad you found the post informative and helpful for your own website creation. It’s important to have a clear and cohesive message in both commercials and websites to effectively showcase your product or service. Best of luck with your website building!

  2. First impressions are very scary. So, you should practice what you are going to do or say beforehand. Doing this will help loosen you up. If you already know what to say and what to do. First impressions are important so you must be on your best behavior and make the best impression possible your business success may depend on it. And making the best commercial for your business is important if you can afford it. Your commercial is your first impression so be precise and to the point with a little laughter.

  3. Gail, thank you for sharing your thoughts on first impressions and creating a great commercial for a business. You make a great point that practicing beforehand can help to ease nerves and ensure that you make a strong impression. It’s also important to keep in mind that a commercial is often the first interaction a potential customer may have with a business, so it’s important to make it memorable and effective. Adding some humor can definitely help to make it stand out and leave a positive impression.

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